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2004-06-15 - 2:43 p.m.

This is it. The Virgin Entry. And you thought it woulds be sexy??

Sorry, but not today.

Politics today...Bill O'Reilly is upset that some European leaders, especially the French, wouldn't show up for Reagan's funeral?

Well Bill, they might come for yours if you would so kindly "Off Yourself", the sooner the better. Hey, I'd come!

I can see the day coming.... I go to a restaurant, Breakfast is Freedom Toast, Lunch Freedom fries and burger, dinner Freedom Rice (No more Spanish Rice either). The waitress takes my order and yells out "1 Freedom with a side of Freedom! I remember when they used to have a real menu. OOPS... another client for reducation camps I guess.

Strange how the meaning of our language changes whenever politicians start talking. Like the soon to be sovereign government of Iraq.

Enough, I bored all 2 of my new readers, thank you NSA dude and Whomever else. I'll try to make it more interesting next time.



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