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2004-06-17 - 12:14 p.m.

The Magic Notepad

Have you ever given a talk or speech in front of a group only to forget what you were supposed to say? Or perhaps like me you wrote it out on little cheat sheets just in case, only to find out you never referred to them once and gave a great talk.

So I'm driving along in the car and I hear a song I want to put up on the page today. I grab the notepad only to find the pen has unexplicably been transported to some other dimension. Ok, I recall that the mere act of writng down the info causes infallible memory....So I open the paper and "write" with my finger the name of the song and associated idea. As I fold the note up and put it in my pocket, I'm so proud of myself, I can reuse this paper over and over. You know "Save a tree, etc."

I get home and I remember to take out the note and read it.....Did the magic notepad work???

Come on now, Can't you hear that great song in the background?


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