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2004-06-19 - 10:27 a.m.

I admire stong women like:

Elaine Lucia - Singer who is active for her political beliefs.

I've heard her sing (Great), Check her out!

Audra Estones Williams - Devotes a good part of her life to making the world better. Go Canadian Women! and here as web master etc. help him out if you can. Differing opinions made America great, oppose Baby Weed Bush and keep it great!

A band I like: Polkacide

Good fun.

This guys great too:

Politics today: NO WAY - It's thought turned off day!

Thanks to the fine woman who has added notes to my page,

No one else has, or sent me an email. Apparently 40 or more different people have looked, but only Miss Nymph (and I'm sure she is...)has bothered to give feedback. I have an unreasonable desire to write AND be read, so there are many facets to my thought and I'll write what topic I think about that someone might want to read. (What an ugly compound run-on sentence. I should learn how to spell and type too.)

And, if you don't like what I say, it's OK and your right to think your way....Even if you are totally wrong-headed, Ignorant and no longer a gentleman and a scholar! ;)

Bye, Curiouoso*


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