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2004-06-22 - 11:54 a.m.

Last night was the first episode of Who wants to marry my Dad. I watched because I met Tammy, one of the women, at a party last Christmas. There is no question why she made it as a contestant as she is attractive fun and a real "live wire" personality. She actually got me to Karioke YMCA and other songs in a duet with her. She is fun but since she works with my significant other, not too fun (for me anyway). She made it through the first eliminations but I happen to know she's not married yet so I doubt she made the final cut. Obviously the guy was a bigtime fool!

I just found out there's a high school reunion coming up soon. I hope Christine the X-German exchange student will be there this time. She told me about the big crush she had on me in high school last time, but I was unable to pursue her then. Why was I the last to find out? She married some big Rock star who tours all over the world with groupies and leaves her at home. Hey what's good for the gander is good for the goose, No?

My arder for the attractive hispanic woman next door is cooling a bit. I really like Ramon, her husband, who is training to be a prison guard at a woman's prison. I ask her "aren't you a bit jealous that he will be with all those women every day, there must be some attractive ones". She replied, "I asked Ramon how he's going to take care of 1000 women when he can't take care of one at home"!

We were both kidding I'm sure, but fantasys, however unlikely roll on.



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