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2004-06-24 - 8:44 a.m.

Here is the Curiouoso Disclaimer: If you read this and know who I am, and get mad, then everything written is mere fantasy. If you are pleased, Don't tell, execpt those who have no stake in this.

Make sense? Those who know understand.

I believe an ex-lover is reading. She is only X because we are so far apart, but the mere thought of her gives me immense pleasure. When will we see you again? It's been 4 years. Lover in this case is a mental state with very minimal(though exciting) contact.

I LOVE those European readers....

Yesterday's thoughts were brought to the fore by a movie, 50 first dates, OK movie, but an interesting concept.

Another sacred cow: TV Preachers, What astounding Assholes!

Send me all your money and I'll open the gates of Heaven for you; or else you surely go to hell and burn. Sort of a religious Trick or Treat! Of course regardless, when the time comes, there are no refunds if you're not satisfied.

If heaven is so wonderful, Why aren't they all more interested in meeting their maker sooner? Well we know the system is set up so suicide is a mortal sin, right? Defeats the purpose, and there wouldn't be any more worldly riches accruing to the TV preachers if thier congregation suddenly decided to see for themselves the streets paved with gold.

So send your money to me and I gaurentee someone will have a better future!



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