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2004-06-25 - 8:57 a.m.

Time out! Friday shouldn't be an introspective day. I must be depressed today. Where am I going with this? Where am I going with anything lately? Why can't I get a job?

Maybe I need an intervention. Depression cure. No Money, No Job, No life...OK, maybe I should just go be a greeter at Walmart. Except there are probably 10,000 applications on file for that one already. Every one more qualified than me for that.

1. Do you have a life? If so, why are you applying?

2. Why is a Walmart Greeter your career aspiration?

3. Do you read or write any language? (Automatic disqualification)

How to help: Think quietly " Curiouoso get's a good job today" then release that thought into the ether and let it this twice today for me, and absolutely Believe it.

In return I'll "think" your deepest needs wants are fullfilled also. I'll let you know what sort of position I get.

p.s. I you read this tomorrow or next week, do it anyway, as maybe time doesn't truly exist the way we think it does.

Thanks, and if you are a Walmart Greeter, put in a good word for me with the Boss!



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