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2004-06-27 - 8:46 a.m.

1500 Quarters! I just stopped by an Indian Casino last night and put $10 in a quarter machine. I won 1500 quarters and I had 105 quarters showing on the machine still. Not much money, $375., but it was nice to win something. People kept coming by and saying Wow! I was a little embarrassed as I was pleased with the win, but had heard someone remark, "a weeks wages", and I was thinking "a day's pay".

It's kinda sad that someone makes $375 bucks a week and thinks that's good.....Maybe a teenager's summer work, but an adult? I guess I keep forgetting that around here $10. an hour is considered a decent wage for many people.

Good news, I left with the cash in hand. No putting it back this time.

What would you do with it? Let me know.



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