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2004-06-27 - 9:40 p.m.

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI issued a warning last week for state and local authorities to be on the lookout for booby-trapped floating material in and around the nation, warning they could contain explosives.

A homeland security official told CNN on Sunday there is "no intelligence terrorists are planning to or want to do this."

The bulletin says plastic-foam containers, inner tubes and even buoys could be rigged to blow up on contact.


I haven't gone swimming in 2 days. I'm just too afraid terrorists have booby trapped my pool. Especially the floating beer cooler. After I placed a couple six packs in it and drank an unknown amount of beer, I notice it's still floating low in the water. I can't remember if I removed it from the pool (or myself for that matter) but it seems very suspicious to me. If there are still bottles in it, why? Maybe those sneaky Alcaida bastards replaced my beer with WMDs, liquid chemical warfare. Maybe that's why I have a major headache! I could swear there shouldn't be anything left in that cooler. Maybe they replaced it with one of those new fangled "Cooler nukes" you know, the model after "Suitcase Nukes"!

I know those A-rabbies are jealous of my lifestyle so what a perfect target for them!

Be on the lookout! It could happen to you too!



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