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2004-06-30 - 6:08 p.m.

I worked the new job today. I think this is going to be really good, at least for the life of the contract (Dec.).

This position saved me at the last minute from a fate worse than death.

That would be the other job offer in a small company owned by a man named Doug Dick. I kid you not, and as we all know, sometimes a name can be most discriptive! from the moment he asked me in an interview, "What is your description of Micro-Managing?", I had a real bad feeling. When he started bringing up how to dress and describing his employee tracking system, I just said sure, I understand. It was only after He informed me by Email that his Lawyer and Accountant advised him to insist I wear long sleeve shirts all the time to cover a 30 year old tattoo on my arm, in the 107 degree heat, when many workers routinely wear shorts and tank tops,( a bit extreme for his business, yes. ) that I just ignored his email. Two hours later he sent me a nasty email saying his offer to me was rescinded, don't ever waste his time by contacting him again.

Maybe he really didn't set out to be a Dick, but his parents must have been psychic.

Maybe he just nipped at the bottle a bit too much or forgot to take his Prozac, I hear that's a bitch detoxing.

Valium, Buddy, Valium!

I'm sure I wouldn't have lasted out the week.

My nomination for Worst possible Manager for anyone over 3 years old is now submitted.

I once told a judge at jury duty "Some people are poor and steal money with a gun. Others are better educated and steal money with a law degree!"

I guess Accountants steal money legally, as liars figure and figures lie.

My Lawyer and Accountant have advised me to sign this as:



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