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2004-07-05 - 1:33 p.m.

I've finally done it. 0 (zero) readers yesterday! I don't know if everyone was out of town or just plain bored, or if it's a sign from the one eyed lizard king that No one's looking, just write, Damn the torpedos, Write.

Today, all the things I'm not allowed to do:

1. Say anything nice about a woman. Especially an attractive one. For example yesterday at breakfast I said,"Jenni seems like a good waitress." She was probably 18, cute, friendly, but mostly an efficient waitress.

WRONG, I was abused for saying that as I must have been trying to impress her and flirt. ???? The girl didn't even hear me.

2. No swimming naked in my pool, or in the hot tub. No one could see, except maybe the 2 story, that has no young girls and mostly no one at home during the day. My significant other doesn't like her shape anymore so that tranfers to me. I don't like it when you're naked. After 24 years you wouldn't think anyone would care about that.

3. Talk politics (or anything sometimes). This "rule" is extended to anywhere I go these days, just like rule #1 and #2.

That's it for now, any more rules would end up depressing both the reader and I.

Anyone want to join me for a motorcycle ride to escape, at least for now. How bout Cancun? or heck we mays as well just continue to Costa Rica.

Margaritas, Daquiris and Cerveza for all. I can't wait!

Fun in the sun, Curiouoso*


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