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2004-07-05 - 9:36 p.m.

I just finished watching Who Wants to Marry my Dad. Tammy was voted off because she said she wouldn't change her name if she got married. You go girl! Everyone cried and said they'd miss her. I'd miss her too if I got a Chance.

Amy's carpooler and his wife came over to use my computer today. Greg is from New York and looks like a character from "Reservior Dogs". I pretty sure he's not quite right in the head, but maybe living with his wife, 4 dogs 3 cats and 5 rabbits in a small 3 bedroom house in the city will make you that way. She leads him around on a leash I think, You can't get a word in edgewise.

She was OK, even stuffed into white capripants 3 sizes too small. After her resume was done they stayed four more hours! Even my leaving to go to the store, watching a movie on TV and playing with the dog outside, didn't seem to faze her. Finally Amy got up and started cleaning the house. They got up and said, "Well we have to do this again soon."

Ok, but not too soon and we need an important appointment to go to when we are ready for them to go. I tried to teach the dog to bite, but he's just too good natured!

10 mile bike ride before breakfast, 30 mins. swimming, and 4 hours listening....I got my exercise today.

Places I'd rather be: Margaritaville, yeah I'm a big Jimmy fan too. 4 concerts were among my best. Fleetwood Mac and Keith Jarret were phenominal as was my first one, The Stones at the Oakland Colliseum.

#2. Costa Rica on the beach.

#3. How bout a 10,000 foot freefall? It's about time I did that one. No tandem crap either, you, the chute and a fading away airplane. I've noticed sky diving seems to be metaphor around Diaryland for "Yeah,right", The unpopular decision and "You're nuts". It's not so bad, it cured my fear of heights. When your hanging there looking down and asking yourself,"how'd this happen", It gives you a whole new attitude.

Going to bed now, thinking of you I'm sure(???), Curiouoso*


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