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2004-07-11 - 10:20 p.m.

What a great day! I did my income taxes, only 3 months late as usual. I had to go thru boxes and boxes of paperwork to find my misplaced w-4s, so I shredded 1992 - 1999 as I looked. There's absolutely no paperwork left to prove I existed during those years but I have a clean garage.

Call me Mr Shredder -Killer. I bought a new one last September for about $24.00 dollars. It gave up the ghost in 2 weeks,so I returned it for another 39.95 Shredder. Shreds 5 pages at a time and up to 25 per day. Maybe not a good choice...It lasted 2 more weeks, so I returned it and got serious. I bought one for $100., 10 pages at a time 25-50 pages per day capability.

I shredded occaisonally till yesterday, no problem. Yesterday I shredded 3 years worth of checks and all reciets ect. maybe 1500-2000 items. The shredder got quiet and refused to budge. I went back with it and traded it for a 20 page/100-200 daily confetti cut model. All day I shredded and the new one still munches monthly bank reconcilings with all checks in the envelope with no complaint. I even threw in a few old credit cards and cardboard with staples in it. Too bad it's not New Years cause I've got a 60 gallon recycle bin full of confetti.

Now that's a boring life! There wouldn't have been any excitement around here if I hadn't superglued my finger to my sunglasses. I just walked around all day with my sunglasses on looking like I was saluting everyone. It could of been worse, I could have superglued them to my forehead.



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