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2004-07-24 - 11:41 a.m.

What a week! It started OK at work then went downhill from there. I am the "morning after support person". Sort of the RU-486 pill of the computer migration world. If you didn't take care of it the night before then I come along and fix the problem in the morning. Friday night they started a week long screw-up, so Monday was ugly for support, Tuesday worse, and Tuesday night was off to such a bad start all the installations got cancelled. Wednesday morning was really ugly as all the Big shots lost thier data and use of the computers. It was all I could do to get them on the network and make the email work. Thursday morning my boss, who I really liked, got canned, and a big shot from the east coast flew in along with a number of other support people. Friday started getting better as the night installation crew was revamped and things started working again. I heard the company project managers saying they liked my work and were complimentary towards my performance so that was reassuring. There's so many layers of people to please. I contract to a company who contracts me out to the main contractor who works for the client. The client is a health care company with many Doctors and Nurses that neeed to be given excellant service and Special attention, or they complain. Some have little "fiefdoms" that they think deserve special care. Typical major corporate environment where laws of civility can become laws of the jungle (Eat or be Eaten) at any given time. I made the mistake of working with an attorney there and when asked what my position was, said I'm the PMS guy, Post Migration Support, which she took wrong I'm sure, as she repeated slowly PMS, Post Migration Support, PMS. Maybe she had a case of the same, pretty, but major Bitch. Anyway I'm sticking to Post Deployment Support, PDS, from here on out! At home, my "don't kill the spiders" theory has been proving out. I came home to find Wifey flipping out big time about something by the front door. When I looked I saw a Beetle, 4 inches long by 1.5 wide stuck in a spider web. I never saw an insect that big outside of a museum. The spider had apparently done his thing allready as that guy was dessicated looking to the max. So she wants me to spray everything dead. I tried to get out of it by showing the beetle never made it in the house due to our spider friend, but it's like talking to the hand. In California we treated crickets like in Japan, we just moved them outside. Here there are so many, it sounds like a Cricket crash pad in mating season. Chirps and buzzes all night. I guess bad luck for killing them is coming our way. Just call me the Hitler of the insect world, probably a special circle in Hell for exterminators. Wondering if our Nuculer Plant is creating Simpsons-like mutations (Bug wise anyway), Curiouoso*


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