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2004-08-14 - 9:04 p.m.

Today is a blast from the past. I am relatively happy with the way things turned out, but judge for yourself. People of my age, happy memories. Those in thier 30's, yes you will age! 20's or less, You will get older regardless if you think so or not. Make sure you don't wake up one day as your worst nightmare, a fat ugly redneck who doesn't believe in anything you based your life on when you were younger. It could happen to you! Beware! My 20 yr old son has hair that is my punishment for the way my hair looked to my parents when I was 20! He doesn't even realize what goes around comes around. Such a handsome boy except....

The big hair. Compare me at 20! And this isn't the worst of the pictures! lOOK AT THAT 70'S HIPPIE!

Such a cute boy at 7!

What a hip cool dude in the late 70's at age 25! Thank god he lost the hair!

Shieks of the desert, Now we'd be considered terrorists, Tommy and Arturo ride the camels in Algeria.

The "Old man and the Sea??? At 40.

Nearly the present day...Note how at 50+ I still don't pay any attention to the "NO Photography signs at Area 51!

OK, I dare you all to bare your embarrasing photography on your site!

Still handsome after all these years, Curiouoso*


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