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2004-08-28 - 10:02 a.m.

Saturday morning garage sales - I shoulda stayed in bed!

The "other" ( I usually say "significant other" but I'm significantly pissed off right now ) and I went to a garage sale this morning that her friend was having today. Her friend was nice but there wasn't much left by 8AM except this beat up bamboo style rocking chair. Amy wanted to buy it for $5.00 but I objected as the house is too full of furniture already, not to mention it almost fell apart when she sat in it. Amy kept saying, "I want this rocker", and I kept repeating we don't have any room for it. It must have become an issue in front of her friend because when I got back from touring the back yard with the boyfriend, Amy told me her friend was going to give it to us for free. Like $5.00 is the issue!

Amy toured the new house, and as we left, sans rocking chair, she said, "I really like her front room, it makes ours look so crappy,"I flipped out. We just bought you a brand new house, the one you wanted. All new furniture, you wanted. New beds in every bedroom that you wanted. Our old stuff was fine, but YOU wanted all new things for the new house, but now it's crappy! You can just go back to California if you don't like it! Your friend just bought a $500. saddle for her kitchen? Well the last time I looked there weren't any horses in our kitchen!

This isn't the first time we did this one, right after we moved she went to see a friend in Oregon who was moving. The house was up for sale for $400K and was on a few acres. It was beautiful but quite different from ours. Amy came back and stated "I just saw my dream house!" Like 1 month after we spent our money on this one and I had designed and spent nearly $60,000 on the back yard, she acts like our new house is chopped liver!

Like I said, I should have stayed in bed this morning.

I had a wierd dream last night wherein I was trying to figure out which place on a list (in word perfect format,which is only important to figure out who's behind it. They still use Word Perfect.) of about 5 was going to be involved in a big explosion or "terrorist type" event.

I narrowed it down to 2 places and an approximate date.

The "next holiday, but I believe the event is in England or maybe Austalia", and so the holiday is Guy Faulkes day, or November 5th. This is significant as I didn't know anything about that holiday and had to look it up on the internet for a date. The town is some thing like Wisteria, or maybe thats the intersection in London, Wisteria and something with C, Coshel or somesuch. It was clear when I woke up but I can't remember now. Think "suitcase nuke" for the magnitude of the event. Anyway I'm usually only precognitive for things which are an immediate danger to my life ( car wrecks, etc., the Guardian angel syndrome ) so perhaps it doesn't mean anything. I wouldn't sell your house or anything based on this! We shall see. A bag of firecrackers going off in Tiajuana a week later does not qualify as precog in this event.

Occaisonally I forget a word or name I'm trying to think of, only to remember it as soon as I quit trying. This short term memory repression is normally referred to as a senior moment. In my case, not being all that senior, I'm going to call it " The mental filing cabinet Hide and go seek game". Why my brain wants to play hide and go seek with the rest of me regularly is a question whose answer is obviously on permanent hide status. It's all good though, I can just say I don't remember, if it's that important ask me again in 30 years and I'll have it right on the tip of my tongue for you.

August 25th was my great grandmothers 101st wedding anniversary (too bad she's not here to enjoy it.) That statement seemed to perplex the people I mentioned it to, as they invariably asked incredulously, "Where does she live"? I had to explain she'd been gone near 20 years...Oh the trials of the family historian!



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