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2004-09-01 - 8:05 p.m.

I've been checking out some speeches at the Republican Convention and it's pretty disgusting. (Sorry, Wicked Sezzy) First, Most of the speeches are droning on about 9/11 and terrorism like that was some sort of Republican success in stead of an American disaster. They are so proud of it you'd think it was a successful Republican planned event. (Was it?) Secondly, We have the speakers like Arnold Swartznazi who went on about how proud he was an American. OK Swartznazi, if you're so high on America, how come it took you 14 years to get your citizenship then? (arrived in 1968 got his citizenship 21 years ago - 1982, by his own speech). It's really disgusting to hear him say in his best Lyndon Johnson imitation, "My fellow Americans," from a guy who still can't pronounce " Calley-fore-nee-uh." Then he tells a story that sounds like it's a "Readers Digest" reprint of a "Parade Magazine" story as told by John Wayne, in which the shot up, one legged soldier swears that in 3 weeks, "I'll be back!"

Does anyone believe this crap? Swartznazi even had a smirk that looked like he has been taking lessons from Shrub's smile chimp! That story sounded like the newspaper ad testimonials for miracle herbs that purport to regrow hair, rejuvinate sexual prowess and clear up acne, all in 2 weeks. They have disclaimers at the bottom that say,"Actual representations of real letters we'd recieve, if we ever got any."

Then tonight there was Senator Zell Millerfrom Georgia, a lookalike for Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies.

See for your self....Zell,

Buddy Epsen (Jed Clampett)....

Zell never smiled once, looked like a grand dragon of the Klu Klux Klan, and sounded like a hillbillie. I kept waiting for him to say, "Who let all these coloreds in here? Janitors aren't supposed to be here when us white folk are in the building."

On another note, Monday, My head hurt, my feet stank, and I didn't love Jesus, in Jimmy Buffet's words, perhaps something to do with partying half of Sunday, building up another stash of wine bottles to recycle. I made a major mistake sending an email to the EX, that was written like one of these diary pages. On examination later, it was cogent and all the words spelled correctly, but started with a half apology for the past and ending with an undercurrent that sounded like I overdosed on Viagra and need some help with an iron bar I was carrying around. Looks like I'm in for another 30 years of glacieral relations. Oh well, Curiouoso*


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