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2004-09-07 - 7:13 p.m.

My daughter and her boyfriend/fiance are visiting and it's nice to spend a week with them. Seeing them reminded me about my last quick trip to California and some thoughts I had that never were expressed.

Celebrity public service messages....Aren't many of those made as part of a criminal sentence? You know the one where the famous person says, "Drugs, they are a real downer!" Right, anotherwards look at me rich, successful, Stupid, I did drugs. Do you want to end up busted like me? Does it mean I'll be rich successful but have to merely embarass myself by admitting something via a public service announcement? Send the fame and money NOW, where do I sign up? WRONG MESSAGE.

Or one I heard the other day, Joe and Mary fell in love in high school, but they waited. They waited thru college, they waited thru grad school. Just before they decided not to wait any longer a drunk driver killed them both. Don't let friends drive drunk.The message I get from this???? Don't wait!!! Live your life today, tommorrow may never come. WRONG MESSAGE.

Then I heard a recognizable voice of a Black actor, didn't recall the name, but seems his characters are often somewhat shady. "There are thousands of children in L.A. whose fathers don't support them. These are the children that grow up in trouble. Please donate big bucks to xx foundation to help support them." The message I immediately thought of...Well you better start supporting your children, ya bastard, I'm not paying for your criminal kids!

Of course, I'm sure he's a great guy, but who writes these public service messages?


Another thing I thought about was the "Condominium stalls in bathrooms for handicapped people. In nice office buildings I've seen these stalls large enough to house a complete homeless family. Maybe a new campaign promise for Bush...I'll make sure every person out of work who loses thier job gets a replacement living space in a condominium stall! And we'll convert a minimum of 3 handicapped parking places per lot for tents, to house the elderly retirees that lose all their benefits. Remember, being poor is only a state of mind. Rich states of mind feed your hungry stomach so much better.

Sometimes I believe I think too much!

Yours for the duration, Curiouoso*


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