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2004-09-22 - 6:18 p.m.

The Presidential Debates or Unpaid Advertising?

I'm glad I'm not an undecided voter trying to figure out who the best candidate is from the debates. We have 2 candidates who need a "32 page contract" to agree to debate each other. (All the quotes are taken from )

If I was Kerry, I would have said, "I agree on the three dates, past that, I'll be there on live TV facing you or an empty chair. Which will it be, Shrub boy?"

" The biggest question mark had been the middle presidential debate, which could put Bush in the unusual position of facing questions from critics. Bush campaign aides had been reluctant to agree to the St. Louis debate, but with the president commanding a solid lead in many polls, especially in Missouri, they decided it did not present much risk."

This is exactly the problem," facing questions from critics", this is something the President is afraid of? The guy who attacks other countries for false reasons doesn't want anthing other than tame questions from Neocon lackys? I guess it's scary to actually have to try to explain your actions.

I like the part that the candidates must shake hands, Are we to believe they disagree so much they won't shake hands unless forced to? Perhaps Shrub Boy will try to out firm Kerry with some sort of Secret Texas Handshake and cause instant capitulation.

I wish they did Hate each other and had radically different plans and platforms. At least We might get some real truth instead of "processed lies for poll ratings".

As it is We are guarenteed political spam for the masses.

"Apart from the questions the audience will be allowed to ask, almost nothing will be left to chance."

Even those audiance questions are vetted and approved prior to the show.

"For the second debate, which has a town-hall forum, the audience members submit questions to the moderator, who then approves which audience members get to participate. If audience members stray from their questions, the moderator is to cut them off." ( )/

This series of debates is so tightly scripted it might as well be the Miss America Pagent, and you know how exciting and suspenseful that is. Above all don't expect any surprises like the infamous halftime costume malfuntion. This is designed to bore you to death and show you how likeable and competant the two candidates are.

I'd still break all the rules of the debate if it were me...What would my opponant say, "That's not fair, whine, whine, whine. You broke the rules and looked at me and asked me a question I can't answer! I'm the wannabe ruler of the world, you can't disagree with me!"

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