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2004-09-24 - 8:26 a.m.

Hi Click People,

I did the banner thing and actually had a number of people check this out. Political entries were the topics for the last few days, so while this has been a mixed bag of rants, personal diary entries and politics, I wonder how many of those "clickers" scanned anything more than the day's entry?

Will they check back?

I noticed that I had one highschool girl, refreshingly "normal" it seems, one post high school girl, more alienated, but still searching, perhaps a young single mother who "claims" to be sex mad and who knows who else among the readers.

I'm not sure how interested in this any of them are, especially as I haven't written about any sexy or risque topics. I just can't see that anyone would be interested in that. Perhaps I should start a second diary for that stuff and not risk alienating anyone I know with these experiances. OK, try this-->

I guess this isn't the type diary that I reveal everything in. Curiouoso*


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