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2004-10-09 - 9:52 p.m.

I apologize in advance for all this political ranting these days but I believe the fate of America might just hinge on this election.

We have a proven liar and meglomanic as president who only sees what he wants to see and is so out of touch with reality that not only doesn't the emporer wear any clothes, he refuses to see that everyone else is wearing clothes of a different cut.

Pepole who talk out loud to God in public exist as streetpeople on the streets of many American cities. Others rightly reside in asylums for the mentally ill.
Bush Claims God wants him for certain tasks ( "God wanted me as president") and tells him what to do.

The fucking guy is insane! You try to tell your boss God told you to do your job a different way or say something in particular; announce that to customers or clients and see how long you are employed!

In San Francisco a guy, Frank Chu, walks around all day every day with a sign that says "Impeach Clinton". I got to know Frank by asking him what he was all about especially the "Techtronic societies". He is actually more sane than Bush and the 12 techtronic rocket societies haven't killed anyone yet in spite of the provocations Frank enumerates.

See Frank Here:

and Here:

and here:

Anyway the last debate was so crappy it was a waste of time. Like can't the candidates even try to answer the question asked? Sorry shrub, I know it's hard to think on your feet or at all for you but crikey, answer the damn question!

At least Frank always had good answers even if they were a little hard to follow sometimes. I mean wouldn't you be pissed if you were a movie star playing Clintons life story and the richest man in the world refused to pay you???? I know I would be and would take my complaint to the 12 zagatronic rocket societies for satisfaction too! I mean what's small clains court compared to the Universes's arbitrators?

So be good surfers and look up the urls provided or search Frank Chu on google. You won't be disappointed and you may see a link in the behaviors of Frank and Shrubby. They're both fucking nuts! Frank up close has a rather worn,threadbare jacket and may not have had a bath as regularely as one might wish, but I suspect Shrubby might be the same if we could get close to him (God Forbid).At least Frank is entertaining.

Over and out, going to contact all the Techno-Zagotronic societies tonight, Curiouoso*


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