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2004-10-17 - 8:22 p.m.

I must be getting old. Why do I think that?

1. My swimming pool cost more than my first house ($29,000.)

2. I remember when a gallon of gas was 2 bits. (.25)

3. When I was a child my grandfather used to say 2 bits, a fin or a sawbuck, perhaps a double sawbuck, but He never really came across $100 bills so I don't know if it was a c note or not.

4. I just missed my 35th high school reunion.....

5. I'm invisible to women under 35, Teenagers can't hear me, Old people call me Sonny or worse yet treat me as a peer, I'm not old enough for a senior discount, yet my kids friends parents are sometimes young enough to have been my kids.

6. I've been around long enough to disbelieve 90% of what I hear and 110% if it comes from the government.

7. I have so many stories I even bore myself.

8. My younger brother has been a grandfather for more than 5 years. One is a grandfather twice over. (Thats what you get for having children with every woman you meet!)


Did I ever mention my dog and I are twins? Yep, luckily not identical! He's black and I'm white. I was born a Bastard and so was he. He has a bad left leg and mines not so great either. He's a little overwieght but of course I'm svelte as can be, not. We both have some grey hair but mine is really more of a fine silver. We are both handsome and dashing but neither of us fetch stuff anymore. We both love women, but I don't dare greet them at the door the way he does!

I got really organized and made up a to do list. I've had shine all my shoes and clean up the office desk on it all week, but if I actually do those things I won't have any tasks to shirk, so we can't have that. It's like getting out of bed in the morning, You sleep so much better when you have to get up but roll over and go back to sleep, than you ever will on a weekend or holiday when theres no reason to get up.

Getting ready to ignore the alarm tomorrow, Curiouoso*


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