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2004-10-19 - 7:28 a.m.

The phone rang constantly last night, but every time I went to answer it there wasn't a phone in the charger. Come on people there's a cordless phone in 3 rooms and wired phones in at least 1 more; Why do you have to take the one in the front room with you? Then of course it rings and rings and no one answers. Plus there's 4 people in the house each with a personal cell phone, all of which seem to be wherever I am, ringing off the hook! With All these communication devices around It's patently obvious that the maxim that the more devices one has to communicate with, the harder it will be to get in touch with them, is in play. Have you ever seen that co-worker with 2 cell phones, 1 personal, 1 business, 3 pagers, personal-business-emergency only, and perhaps a wireless email device, that when you call you get a devices that says searching for John, and rolls over to his office phone, then home phone, then all of the above, only to end up in voice mail ("I'm in the office today, available 7AM to 7PM, so I'll call you right back") when in reality you can actually see him walking a block ahead of you, too far to yell for?

So the truth is that communication devices are really to avoid communication except at the convenience of the holder.

Yesterday's news included an item about a chinese satelite crashing into a house in China and destroying it completely. The occupants, lucky not to be killed, commented that a celestial object came from heaven and visited them, so they were going to be very lucky this year! Thank God I'm not THAT lucky! A real life example of some who has a glass thats half full not half empty, or maybe has a drop in it instead of being dry.

I also saw an item that stated Republicans are more satisfied with sex and get more too. Democrats are more likely to fake orgasms and have affairs.

Right, and the moon is made of green cheese, the silent majority in Iraq love American troops, the president is a brain surgeon who puts on the MORON act just to relate to the rest of us morons and politicians aren't sucking off the public teat, they are truly performing public service that they would do for free if they could.

My banners are running again (Thank you Banefulvenus for letting me know it worked for you) and I'm back to the simple one, the others didn't work well. I always peruse the diaries of anyone who leaves me a note or email, and highly appreciate the sentiments. I haven't recieved any "Hate notes" yet but I'm sure there are some Bushies just waiting in the wings for that. It's strange how people will flame you to toast but yet personally, if you know them, can be quite reasonable.

I include myself in the above as well since I just called up my best friend of over 25 years and read him the riot act for saying he was going to vote for Bush. I didn't say it would sever our friendship, but I intimated it comes close. It will be OK regardless. Once in a discussion about raising kids I gave him constructive criticism, He knew what I was saying (it was too close to home for him) but didn't like it one bit; he didn't speak to me for 6 months, persona non grata so to speak. Then he thanked me for the advice and proceeded to ignore it anyway.

Looks like that's shaping up again, Curiouoso*


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