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2004-11-06 - 5:16 p.m.

Last weekend we went to the Phoenix Irish Festival. I fell in love with Irish wolfhounds. They are big up to 180 lbs. and nearly 7 ft tall when on thier hind legs. Thier temprament is identical to Midnight, The Minority dog, a black lab, which is great. Unfortunately they have a short lifespan of 6-8 years and can cost $2000. up for puppys.

Amy saw a guy doing Irish dancing who was real good. I thought he was good also, but Amy sometimes exagerates when she really likes something, so when she said "I think he's better than those Riverdance Guys", I thought, He's good but that good? Well after the dancing, they introduced him as Michael Patrick Gallagher, Who was the lead Riverdance dancer for a couple of years. Amy was absolutely right!

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I've been thinking why people aren't more involved in politics and being antiwar. I guess it's that people don't want to lose thier comfort level. It's human nature to want a certain level of predictability to surround their lives. We want to believe the Government wouldn't lie to us and that taxes are paid to benefit us not line someone's pocket. Not believing that Oswald shot Kennedy, That the FDA is there to protect us from bad drugs or that social security will allow you to retire comfortably, is the first step towards losing faith in everything we are told and believe. I think the Kennedy assination was the first "Loss of Faith" for me followed by Vietnam war lies and the Antidrug propaganda, especially Marijuana will lead to harder drugs and might cause birth defects by changing your DNA. After you've seen hundreds of people leading normal lives while occaisonally smoking dope, you tend not to believe any of that crap. When you realize the Government Lies, and on a regular basis, Why would you believe anything a government says? Remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf? No one believed him after his false warnings. So why do we believe our Government, Bush or no Bush, when we know they've been lieing to us constantly for decades? Especially now that it seems to be getting worse, and is business as usual, instead of an unusual occurance.

Perhaps it is too much to ask that the average person give up thier routine life and pay attention to the crap being dished out regularly.

It certainly hasn't made me any happier to realize that you can't be proud to be an American anymore.



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