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2004-11-10 - 8:22 p.m.

It's amazing when you think from the long, l o n g point of view how little actually matters in 20 years.

Most of the time when I'm irritable it's over really inconsequential things. Things that are unnessesary to happen but really aren't important. Luckily I won't stay mad for long or the anger is really only a fleeting moment.

The things I really get pissed about are the things that I'm powerless over. The government not listening to citizens, putting us through "homeland security" crap when we don't need babysitters, A**holes that put me in danger through crappy driving, that sort of stuff.

I also hate discrimation in all it's forms, people who expect your respect as though they are better than you, police officers, politicians and customs agents come to mind.) I once met a online friend who took a dislike to me on meeting because I reminded her of someone and a situation. Prior to that we had been friends. It took me a long time to cool off over that as It had nothing to do with me. (I would ask her to forgive me now except I can see no reason why she would, even though I'm quite sorry and wish the whole thing hadn't happened.)

Over time one gets resigned to the "big Issues" we are powerless to control.

I have a habit of asking people about thier names. It probably comes from reseaching the family tree way back. Sometimes I'm serious, other times it's just a way to relate better to people. For example my last name is quite common, many black people share it. I've often said, where are you from, maybe we're related! That has often surprised some people, but hey, maybe we really are! Besides nothing could be worse than the truth,(this is NOT to imply being related would be bad!), the truth being I'm distantly related to Nixon :( , Herbert Hoover :( , and shrub boy :( :( , now THAT is bad!

The other day I asked a woman about her name and where she was from, Texas, only to find out a girlfriend of 25 years ago is her husbands aunt! After all those years, in California, meeting a relation in Arizona, at work, when they both came from Texas. It's really a small world sometimes.

Maybe you and I are related....Curiouoso*


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