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2006-01-15 - 6:08 p.m.

Sunday night and I'm pretty pissy right now. I believe I mentioned how Amy hasn't seen a house she likes that isn't 600K and up, and how weekend after weekend she reads the paper for open houses that A.) we can never find, B.) are too expensive or C.) are great except: the rooms are too small, there's bars on the windows of a house 3 miles away, or it doesn't have a walk in pantry!

I was so mad 2 weeks ago I swore I'd never househunt with her again, but out of a misguided sense of wanting to spend the day with her I went out again this afternoon.

We saw a 2100 sq foot house in a great area and no homeowners association, but the back yard was too small. We saw the one we both liked 3 weeks ago for 20k less, but she didn't want to stop. No, instead she decided she liked one for 390K only about 15 miles from here, when we really need to be 20+ miles closer and overpriced for that area. Then it didn't have a 3 car garage, my basic wish list item, and it had a homeowners association which I hate!

Ryan and his crew, Arlinda and the 2 kids were supposed to move out this weekend, that's why I paid the $50.00 application fee, but instead she went to San Diego. He needs $300. more so I suggested Amy take it out of her acct, which she puts in $200. a month. No, there's no money in it anymore cause Mel decided she needed a $3000. photographer for the wedding and spent it. Just how are we going to pay for the $3000. in rooms reserved, the multi thousand dollar hotel charges and dinners for 200 people etc. if theres not a penny there right now?

So these kids are still going to be here, the ones who threw steel balls from the mine and many special rocks I collected over the fence, and didn't cop to it, And while OK most of the time have worn out thier welcome by screwing with everything in the house that's mine without permission.

The same kids Amy spent Boucoup money on at Christmas, including the $1000. I put aside for customizing my motorcycle, none done, but no money left!

I can't move around in the garage cause of all the stored stuff and the big mess and can't put the house up for sale because of it.

I'm about to just move out and let the rest of them fend for themselves.

I'd go eat dinner but somebody broke the BBQ.

Eating my steaks tartar, Curiouoso


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