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2006-12-17 - 8:47 a.m.

Sunday morning out of bed and feeling good except my lower back. Why this week I've been plagued by back aches is beyond me. I haven't done anything to strain it nor am I stressed more than usual. It must be the weather.

I've got tickets to the Cardinals-Broncos game today again, so want to be in good shape for that.

I'm absolutely not a Christmas person, besides we won't be here. We're off to Cali to spend it with Mel's inlaws and to see how Mom is doing. She says she's a bit lonely but otherwise seems to be holding up.

Amy spoke to some of her sisters yesterday and Ireland seems to be taking care of itself. They all are leading thier lives as usual, no major upsets, no big changes. She was also able to get a hold of her mother. Amy's mom is 83 and still living on her own. She was tired and said she felt weak, but assured us she'd been to the doctor yesterday. Late last night "Patty" called and informed us Mary was in the hospital and likely to stay there a while. I was glad Amy got to speak to her mom before she went to the hospital. We are both hoping for the best.

5 years ago in December Mary went to the hospital and it looked touch and go. We made emergency plans and went to visit right away. We had just come home from Ireland in the summuer. Twice in one year strains the budget, but it wouldn't be fair not to go. Amy has been here 27 years and needs to remain part of her family at any cost.

She just went last year, and of course many came here for the wedding, but I'm ready to send her off again should conditions warrant going. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to go this time, due to work and the need to keep money coming in. I've missed 2 trips in a quarter of a century, so we aren't doing too bad.

I actually got a Christmas card from one of my readers this year. That pleases me immensely. It makes me feel like some people are actually friends in real life instead of just friendly bytes. Thank you very much Julie, I owe you one!

In the next day or so I'll be rereading my New Years entries from last year and the year before to see if anythings changed. Read 2004 here and and here and 2005 here.

Wishing you all the best for 2007 and hoping to finally meet some of you this year.

Curious what it all means, Curiouoso*


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