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2008-08-15 - 3:45 p.m.

Yesterday was the second worst day I've had at this position. it was disappointing coming after a real good day Wednesday.

On Tuesday,during my abortive weightlifting, I really stressed my thigh muscles. I could barely walk yesterday,and even today I couldn't get up when I sat down and couldn't sit down easily. I'll be eating aspirin all day on Saturday at work.

I finally got something right though. Yesterday Drunk Ass Pablo and Mom went to that lawyer I contacted. She called me and was really pleased with my choice. She said they were taking care of everything, so she could just take it easy and not stress anymore. She actually sounded 100% better than when she was down here. D.A. Pablo was also pleased with the law firm and says now he's just going to take it easy and get better instead of of always worrying about being in the wheel chair. The attorney called me as well to report that he felt that Mom was now OK with letting his firm take care of this any way possible and not worry about it. I had warned him about both Drunk Ass and Mom, but his people treated them exactly perfectly for converting Mom from distrustful and suspicious of attorneys, to accepting that they know the proper things to do for Pablo's and Mom's benefit.

All in All a good evening after that news. Now I don't have to stress over the insurance company games either.

Curiouoso* feeling decent tonight, even after fighting with a "mil spec" laptop all day. (Did you ever think a simple laptop could have over 50 tiny screws taken out of it and still not be able to be disassembled? Not to mention what seems to be a couple yards of doublestick tape? I had 2 mostly working laptops to start, but now I somehow have 3 mostly disassembled piles of scrap metal! At $3500. each I better find a place to shitcan those fast!

When I was a child I used to disassemble old watches to get rich off finding the "21 jewels". I never found them and thus had to shitcan a lot of watches too!


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