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2008-08-13 - 3:06 p.m.

Years ago I read about 30 second love affairs in a book and highly recommend them.

Imagine yourself in a store or at a stop light, and suddenly someone catches your eye. Maybe they are beautiful, or maybe their clothes intrigue you, for what ever reason, this person holds a fleeting interest for you.

Instead of doing the usual thing of turning away and putting them out of your mind, for just a minute smile at them, don't turn away. As you catch their attention, if you aren't leering or drooling, most likely they will smile back. For that moment of time indulge yourself in fantasizing you are their friend.... You needn't drop into a full scale porno fantasy...No, this is more of a pleasant idea of being their friend and knowing them as well as a friend could. Perhaps then you smile again and turn away satisfied that for one moment a most mystical interchange of strangers exchanging smiles and love between each other without actually even speaking has occurred.

Try it! Maybe not in the heart of the ghetto at midnite Saturday evening, but most certainly at the Marina district Safeway in San Francisco, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Bourbon Street in New Orleans....the sky is the limit. Conversely, the Museum of Sex in New York, a Greyhound bus that isn't stopping for another 200 miles or The Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, anywhere it's held, may not be a good place for practicing 30 second love affairs!

I cut work yesterday, had too much to do and no desire to get up early.

I went to the gym in the evening intent on leg pressing 850 lbs. I asked a guy I work with to spot for me and loaded that machine up with about 800lbs to start. At first I pressed the weight but on the second rep my left leg sort of copped out on me. Perhaps I wasn't mentally strong enough yesterday to persever but a couple guys grabbed the bar before it could crash down. I was kind of pissed at myself... It's not much more than last month. Then again with that broken left knee 10 years ago, the stroke on the left side 7 years ago, and last years pulverized ankle, I guess I'm not quite there yet. With all the metal in that leg, you'd think it could hold up anything. And the point of the whole exercise is to build up that side so nothing can ever happen to it again. The Gym manager was one of the people coming over, and he explained a better way to build that stregnth up. I got the impression he wasn't too keen on my lifting that much weight again anytime soon either.

Today my thighs are sore, as they should be to keep those muscles getting stronger.

Please don't remind me that in December I'll be one more year past when I should have been able to retire, and one more year closer to dropping dead. Curiouoso* would much rather share a 30 second love affair with you!


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