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2006-12-02 - 8:14 a.m.

I apologize to anyone who read last night's entry. I think I might have gotten a bit too carried away.

Yes, I don't believe in terrorists. To clarify, Not in the what our government calls terrorists.

Of course there are people who fight for one thing or another and fight back in the only way they can. But it seems Governments all over the world are increasingly and purposely inciting thier own populations against mythical enemies in order to control peons like you and I and use us as puppets for thier gain.

With modern communications it's easier to manufacture and disseminate "evidence" to convince us of thier lies and propaganda.

It's nothing new; "Remember The Maine!" Thousands of American men immediately went to the local recruiting office and signed up, my great grandfather among them; stirred to patriotism by Hearst Newspaper's lies about the evil American hating Spanards. We went to Cuba, fought Spanards, who mostly rolled over and quit, so we took Cuba and then fought Cubans. With all these men in uniform the president carried on to the Phillipines and killed some Spanards there as well, then fought Phillipinos till we had that location subjugated.

Vietnam....Afganistan....Iraq.....Central & South America....soon Venezuela and Iran.

I don't want anyone killed in my name for "Our" benefit. It's certainly not for my benefit nor my way of life. I don't routinely stop in Scottsdale to kill some wealthy family and take thier resources in the name of patriotism, Do you?

I'm afraid I'll have to leave here someday because of the way things are going. Like My Uncle who left Germany in the late 1930s, I too can see "the handwriting on the wall". That was his reply when I asked what brought him to America. "I SAW THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL", He answered.

Why can't all of America see the handwriting? It's just not on the wall anymore, it's everywhere, it's in your face constantly.

Sorry for the long essay, Very few people read me anymore anyway, but to you who do, thank you for putting up with my occaisonal foibles, poor grammer and increasingly bad spelling. I feel so uneducated when I see these mistakes and I fear it's getting worse instead of better.

Yours for a better future, Curiouoso*


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