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2004-10-07 - 4:23 p.m.

My backyard has some pretty odd resident denizens.

You remember the mongo big beetle? And my sunburned cacti?

Well here's the clincher, I have an athiest praying mantis! Yep, he refuses to pray. He sits around being green on a redwood lattice. Now that's retarded! Nothing thinks he's an innocent stick especially when his color sticks out like a sore thumb. he refuses to pray just sits there with his arms folded like he is on strike. Get a clue bug, act real and you'll eat. Go on strike and you won't look so well fed soon.

I do have some "cute" jumping spiders about the size of this -0-. They hop one way and back quite entertainingly.

One thing I don't have are giant banana slugs...

Sort of reminds you of Dickless Cheney, huh?*** You know he had his first heart trouble in the 70's, 34 years of unrequited hope for us all. Maybe the election stress will make us lucky this year. What circle of Dante's Hell is appropriate for Mr. Cheney?

My fruit trees haves some dread fungus that is rapidly killing them. I already have some dead bushes, but we can't go there with out getting a visit from the U.S. SS Nazis.

Got to go now, Curiouoso*

**** P.S. I borrowed this image from: Thanks for lending it to me!


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