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2007-01-17 - 10:28 p.m.

Amy is off to Ireland,Hump day is over, the humping is out of my system and my back is much better. In short I feel like a new man.

You see Ms. D said that her roomie Ms. J. would really enjoy certain oral procedures that I like. So I ran into J. today for the first time, and true to D's word, Ms. J. asked me to demonstrate why D is pleased with me. I agreed figuring how could that be bad, and J. got what she enjoyed and pleased me too. Walla, a true hump day!

Today was my first karate (MOO DO KWAN TAE KWON DO) instructor's birthday, 72 years young. links here,check them out! and here; and his movie; and his book; I called him, wished him happy bday and asked if I could bring my son to Studio City to meet him. I told him I must have been his worst student, but was forever indebted to him for teaching me how not to get in trouble. He said sometimes his worst students were his best students. Quite a nice conversation for not having spoken for 35 yerars! Rat Ryan and I are bringing our uniforms and have been promised a private lesson after attending the 3 hour Black Belt class! I never got a black belt, but never declined to spar with any higher belt. I remember a tounament for promotions, where an assistant instructor didn't want to fight a red belt as he had just started our school. He cried so much about it I said I'll fight the guy going for black even though that was at least 3 years and 2 belts past me.
He fought a guy with a lower belt than me and lost! At least I held the red belt off and didn't look like a fool!

I remember one of his lessons when going for a higher belt. He asked a guy who was pretty good, "What would you do if someone was robbing you of a hundred dollars?" The student said "I would attack him and prevent him from robbing me." Master Instructor Byong Yu said "Wrong, You give him the money." Then, "What would you do if some one had a gun and was robbing you of your last dollar? This is the only thing you have in the world, one dollar." The student, thinking he learned his lesson, said, "He has a gun and it's only 1 dollar, so I'd give it to him." WRONG! Master Instructor Yu said, "If that's the only thing left you have in the world, one dollar, You fight him to keep it!" Sort of a matter of continuing to be a man by not giving up your last thing and your pride or essence. The student failed his promotion.

IN fact while I attended for around 2 to 3 years I only saw 1 person promoted to Black belt, and he was a red belt when I started! Master Yu didn't give them out like candy!

Hey Kung fu kitten, I hope you get well soon so we can have it out, the old guy vs, the pretty, young, and serious student! Just kidding. I said that to a woman I used to work with, in jest, that I was counting the days till my destroyed knee and leg healed, so we could spar and I could kick her ass. She reported me to personel as threatining her, the braggart woman ninga killer!

I have to go to bed and let my tongue rest and the little soldier recuperate for his next battle.

Curiouoso* P.S. His advice saved my life at least 3 times!


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