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2005-10-15 - 6:31 a.m.

Hello, Today we are celebrating Club Internet of France's 10th anniversary!

How exciting! Especially since I have no real idea what it's about as I don't speak french and am too lazy to translate the pages with a search engine.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives so why not start with a party? Club de internet is as good as any. It was brought to my attention by being the ip that someone logged in from to read Curiouoso*. Cinco de Mayo is long past, Bastille day and Guy Fawkes day isn't here yet (not that any of those stopped me from drinking tequila, chatting up French women or sympathizing with people who wish governments would just disappear in a puff of smoke. Note to Internet Nazis: In no way am I suggesting, encouraging or proposing any terrorist activities. With that note, Go Guy Fawkes!)

You are all invited! Just pour a glass or a gallon of your favorite poisen and toast to club internet. A virtual party with real libations.

Well there ya go, getting me sidetracked from today's topic, which I've conveniently forgotton....

Amy is back from England and Ireland, and it's a good thing. I missed her and she claims to have missed me. Why she would miss me while on vacation traveling and having fun is beyond me, but so she says. As you know, my life was even more boring than usual just going to work early and returning to hit the sack by 9.

I discovered one thing this last week. You know the old saying referring to people that think they are something special, or wealthy beyond belief or whatever, "We all put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time"?
I found out That I'm different! No, I usually don't lean a pair of highly starched pants up, run across the room, perform a high jump and land smoothly and perfectly in the pants while drinking a dry martini, shaken not stirred, but, none-the-less seem to be capable of a different method of dressing. (trust me, this is not a good difference)

I bought a pair of leather chaps. Not cowboy chaps, sorry Miss CalicoGypsey, but Bad Boy type motorcycle leathers. (The Bad Boy part is my own idea, they weren't marketed that way) I was running behind schedule yesterday and wanted to get to work, but ran into the chap task, "how to put them on quickly". It rapidly turned into the "how to put them on period" contest. I tried backwards, inside out, etc. I even think I ended up zipping both legs into the same side once, resulting in a straitjacket for the legs type situation. Luckily Amy came to the rescue and dressed me properly.

God help me If I met a Bad Girl and had to get out of them quickly and how would I redress, or would I have to ride home naked and come up with a good explanation? Come to think of it, I better start making up a story now, just in case!

Now that you are thoughly bored, think how interesting your diary looks compared to this!

As always, Curiouoso* .


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