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2008-10-31 - 2:58 p.m.

Tonight marks the last day of the 27th year of marriage for Amy and I. Tomorrow is our 28th anniversary. Will we make 29????.

We had a great weekend at Lake Tahoe. Arturo came up as he has for many years now.Mom and Rinaldo spent all week there enjoying the quiet solitude. Mel and Nick came up Friday, but spent the nights at thier cabin in Squaw Valley, about 15 miles away. DrunkAss Pablo was supposed to come up but got pissed when Rinaldo wouldn't drive him to the store at 8 AM to buy a sixpack.
He apparently yelled he was going to go to San Francisco and live on the streets. I would have replied, " Great! You'll have lots of company, Sleazeballs like you like to asociate with!"
He is totally out of control. He broke into the house while mom was gone for the week and let his friends in too. The police, forewarned the house should be unoccupied, came by and arrested some of his friends, but he convinced then he lived there so it was ok for him to be in the house.

Our weekend was nice... Going to California, Drunk Ass Pablo, even Rinaldo and his marital problems were off the table for discussion....and both of us insisted.

Arturo, Amy. Mel, Nick and I tried lots of different wines over the 4 days. A 50 year old "King of Italion Wines" (a Barolo) was past it's prime but still good. A 1982 california Pinot was vinegar, a 1988 California Cabernet was good, but also past it's prime.

Then there were a few whites, a lovely port, some Merlots and Zins, etc. We took it easy this time surprise, surprise, and only drank about 14 bottles over the four days! Then there was a champagne at the Harrahs South Shore buffet, a buffet that was as good as any I've ever had. I treated Amy and Arturo because they both deserved it, putting up with me for so long. Arturo has been my friend through so many changes and for over 34 years.

I played slots alot at the casinos and actually brought home some money. I broke my heart though just before we left Harrahs Saturday night. Amy said to play a machine she won on, quarters, but nothing happened for me. I moved to the one next to it playing 5 coins, which she informed me had taken all Arturo's money. A few spins later the BIG Jackpot! 5000 coins, which breaks down to $1,250! i was watching it count my winnings when around 2500 coins I looked at the dollar amount. To my shock and horror it only showed about $125! Too late I realized I had only been playing nickels, but I quickly decided $250. was better than nothing! (Especially since I only started with about $28.00)

The flight back was short but uncomfortable leaving me a real grouch. I got even grouchier when I got home and unpacked. As I was putting some medicines away, I noticed there was only about 5 valium left in the container. I only take those for my back, and seldom at that. I got the new prescription 10 days before but had only taken about 4 and gave 1 to Amy. Even if I had taken 10 there was was 10 missing as the prescript was for 25. The only people in the room were Amy and I. and when gone, only Rinaldo was home. I know he's addicted to pain pills, and it was obvious to me he was suffering withdrawals, uncommunicative, wearing a jacket day and night and very withdrawn, things he blamed on having 2 teeth pulled. When he picked us up on thursday he was acting high...I figure he took all the pain pills for his teeth and then didn't have anything more so while coming down swiped the Valium to trade for more pain pills on the street. I would have given him a few if he asked, but Rinaldo can't be trusted either.

Monday after we got home the whole Drunk Ass Pablo thing blew up and I had to listen to it from the attorney (Pablo was demanding an advance of $5000.), Mom and Rinaldo. I straight up said to Mom, "You complain but you won't listen to me, In spite of my best efforts you want to do things your way! I'm just going to give you the power of attorney over Pablo, and you deal with it! I have enough concerns of my own right now. She flipped out and begged me to continue on, but I'm really tempted to just walk away from the whole mess. I mean I love my brothers, but Pablo is out of hand, Rinaldo is getting there, (My guess is that his X-wife, soon to be, couldn't break or handle this pain pill addiction), Piss Chris has been written off by me for years now. That's pretty severe for me to say, I'm always the one when hearing about families that are estranged from each other says,"Just try again, you only have one mother or father or sister/brother."

It's a bitch to think I'm the only "Normal" one, and I'm not to sure about that some times.

Sexual Abuse has sure taken it's toll on this family - that's my opinion of what went wrong here.

On more pleasant notes, Rat Ryan has been hired at work finally starting on the 10th, for $20. an hour to start! He'll get another raise after 6 months. He's already trying to figure out what car to buy for reliable transportation! I suggested he work for a few months first, then go buy himself a nice car or truck! He is as money profligate as me!

Curiouoso* is going to go open a nice bottle of wine as soon as Amy gets home. Then maybe out to dinner or to a movie.

Now, will we be together in 2009 or separated by Nevada? Will we even still be married? Only time will tell.


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