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2005-10-31 - 4:45 a.m.

I went to Frys Electronics and bought new parts for my computer. Frys is a West Coast Electrionics Dealer that has a really good selection of Computer stuff as well as appliances, music, ans other related items.
I've always liked thier selection and sale prices, but the business end is a nightmare. Trying to return stuff is sometimes next to impossible. They either only give store credit or won't take some things back at all. Then they often put a "returned cand checked good "sticker on the items and put it right back on the shelf. I would never buy something from them like that for 2 bucks off or whatever, because I doubt they really check it out, certainly not thoughly.
They don't take checks without calling the bank every time,and go though every bag completely at the door to make sure you didn't steal anything.

Knowing better, I still signed up for thier new 0% interest for a year plan to buy the stuff. It wasn't worth buying to me if I had to pay interest. My computer is still servicable even though it's 3 years old. It was pretty high end then so could be made to suffice longer, but I wanted to get something more up to date, as well as a gig of memory. I bought a motherboard - processor bundle for $500. and the memory, as well as a new graphics card.

When I got to the checkstand I found that only the $500. was on the 0% plan. The other $300 was going on thier card @ 28% interest! I've never heard of such a screwy way to do a finance plan. I made them void the whole thing and start over. Something none of the cashiers (Of about 30) had the ability to do. I then rerang everything on different cards $500 on the no interest, 200. cash - debit and 100 on a low interest visa. All that took an hour! I'd have never started if I was aware of this policy.

Frys has almost lost me as a customer. Its just too much trouble to deal with thier policies. I buy most of my stuff elsewhere. I think that they are so concerned with "loss prevention" that someday there won't be any sales to lose.

Well its off to work now, see ya when the computer gets put back together, if ever!

The ever shrinking Curiouoso!


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