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2005-08-18 - 10:27 p.m.

22 years ago! Do any of you carry a grudge for 22 years?

I just got up from bed, the king size bed whereupon 2 people can sleep and never the twain shall meet.... unless on purpose.
Why? Because the lady of the house started to complain... You're not coming to bed after drinking "hard liquor" ( a margarita).

You'd think I was some sort of hard liquor fiend or rapist! I said "What exactly is your problem?". Her answer being, "When I was Pregnant, the last time, you were rough".

Rough? 22 Years ago? Get real! Fuck that! I had a Margarita, BFD! It Pissed me off! 22 Years????I dont even agree, none the less admit "Roughness".

Fuck that, We need to straighten this out NOW! I don't want any carryover for years. Fix today now, don't let sleeping dogs lie.
Fuck yesterday and tomorrow. After 25 years, we need clarity as we go, or we won't make another 25!

Another pet peeve: The racers go round and round, the vehicles too big for the aisles.... What the hell, who decided shopping carts should look like racing cars and take up 50% more room? Why should children be catered to in the grocery? I'm sick of these oversized carts taking up the whole aisle while mom and 10 other kids zoom around! Hey I want to buy grocerys and it pisses me off to have to fight these fucking child toys in the market! Who said shopping should be childs play? I want to buy food, not race carts! Fuck those bastards! Send every child cart to the Slow lane! Shopping for food means eating! Not Fun for spoiled brats! More and more I'm thinking "Children should be neither seen nor heard!"

Wifey wants to move back to California. OK, But not until I get a job commensurate with my experience, and don't treat me like shit when I'm going along with what you want!

Curiouoso* says Fuck That!


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