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2005-10-21 - 7:12 p.m.

Most people think TGIf on fridays, but today was a HFF day for me.

This week started out poorly and never really recovered till thursday. Yeah I ended up taking the motorcycle to that custom "shop" here in town because the guy seemed creative. It turned out his only "skill" and "Assets" were his mouth.

He totally screwed up my rear fender and painted 4 parts of the bike I didn't ask for. On top of that all the work was crappy, the paint the wrong color and very runny. He got overspray all over my chrome and gas tank.

Basically, one big cluster-fuck. I told him I wanted to commute on the bike during the week, but Monday morning none of the lights worked. Not good when it's pitch dark at 4:30.

I went back to tell him I wasn't going to have anything more done and I wanted my other parts back. He flipped out and started getting real abusive. He said I owed him $800.00 and was being a total asshole so I just grabbed my stuff and walked out. He ran to the back of his shop and came out with a gun. He proceeded to start yelling "Leave my shop". Get a clue Asshole, that's what I came here for, to never darken your door again. I wasn't scared so after telling him to go fuck himself, I called the cops and had him arrested. It's a good thing he didn't actually point the gun at me cause that calls for hunting him down and shooting him. Just empty threats and I'm satisfied by fucking up his life forever!

So my first part of the week was screwed up, the stress of trying to decide if I should go back and really mess him up, before he trys anything with my family.

So Monday I had one of those feelings about how all my vehicles were screwed up, the bike now, the fiero with all it's little weirdness things, (like random windshield wipers at the strangest times or Turn signals that blow fuses for no reason every 23 days) But I'm over it now. It took 4 hours of work last night to somewhat fix the abortion he caused to my fender.

Back to HFF. Riding to work I encountered one of those dickless Mofos that pass you when there isn't any where to go. He didn't like the fact I left a hundred yards of room between my bike and the next car so he honked at me, passed me, and then cut in front of me, only to have to slam on his brakes because everyone was stopping again by then. I didn't actually care, but was in the mood to fuck with him, so I passed him and cut right in front of him. He got royally pissed and tried to pass me at least 4 more times, but somehow, at the last minute, there just wasn't enough room! (not that any of you ever played that game!) I was laughing but apparently he wasn't. He finally passed by going over a couple lanes then moving up about 15 cars. Rush hour traffic remember? No ones getting there any faster, especially when you rear end the car in front of you, as he did soon after. Karma strikes again! I resisted the urge to yell out "Happy Friday, Fucker"! as I drove past. It did start my day off good though. See, Curiouoso can be as twisted as the next guy!

I hope you all had successful weeks, even if not quite as eventfull as mine!

Today Curiouoso* fixed 1 laser printer, 1 computer and 1 dickhead!

This weeks good news was I decided I didn't have to go buy bullets for the pistol that came out of storage for the first time in 15 years!

Happy Fucking Friday to you all, it could be worse!


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