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2008-01-14 - 7:36 p.m.

I finally bought the tickets this weekend. I gave my 3 week free ticket trip to Amy, and bought tickets for Ryan and I. That improved her disposition about everything. She groused about losing so much of her vacation time this year, but she was really against me going a week longer when she wasn't there. Multiple excuses kept coming up, but I really think she doesn't like me to be out with her sisters, "Meter Maid" and "Traveler" without her. I like them both, but really, Full blown sex isn't going to happen. They are both married also, and while we've been known to have some fun, no one ever gets carried away. Meter maid once surprised me by saying, "Go ahead, reach in and play with the "twins"", and I was at a loss for words and action, so didn't. I think it was the night at my 20th anniversary at the Pierhead, (a pub), when I convinced Meter maid to passionately french kiss at the bar, that Amy still remembers. Meter maid was hung over and embarrassed the next morning thinking about that in front of all her Australian and English cousins, but she never told me she regretted it! But I digress.....So I'm going for 2 weeks in March, and hoping to meet a very special D-land friend "in person" during a layover on the way back. Come on people, Not that kind of "Layover"....I mean a break between flights.

I just realized It's time for The Sarah Connors Cronicles on TV. I thought yesterday's episode was pretty good, so I gotta go now!

Curiouoso* will pick up where we left off, later.


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