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2008-06-04 - 8:34 p.m.

Strange I should have written that paragraph the other day about people who insist on serious talking in the middle of the night, when suddenly Monday about 11:30 PM I get woken up with the old "We need to talk" routine.

I haven't heard that in years, but I must have sensed it coming or something. "No, absolutely not!"

So we had serious talk this afternoon, "We never talk about things."

"Well, isn't that what we are doing now?"

"I mean serious things..."

"Oh shit, not serious things."


Hey what about the Javeina Hunt stuff?...Who's going? I want to. Let's get some specifics....

It's windy as can be today, my poor pool is getting lots of dust in it again.

At work, there is a woman in the department on the other side of the building from me, who most guys think is a real fox. (OK, I'm dated) Like some guys do, they openly check her out when she can't see them. My coworker was looking last month when she unexpectedly turned around and saw. She gave him a "death look" and continued on. Personally, I like to see attractive people, who doesn't, but I never want to embarass myself or anyone else by openly staring at someone. I sit by the hallway to the womens restroom, so I usually see all the women that work on our floor regularly, even though I don't know them. Most guys are intimidated by certain attractive women, but I learned a long time ago that's B.S. If you can talk to someone, you have a good chance to be friends or more, if they are open to it. (This means available or something, not meant to be crass)
Somehow I started talking with her and now my nickname is "Dangerous", and her's is "Pebbles" (like in the Flintstones).
I'm not sure why I;m going "here", cause there is no "here" to go to. I just enjoy flirting and making other guys wonder how I got to know this or that person so easily. Besides, it's good practice in case these "serious Shit" talks get more prevalent.

I'm really missing some of the female friends I had in Ca. I've got high hopes to have some in AZ too. Just friends mind you, like those on Dland, but in real life. (Nici, you know I'm crazy about you, but It's not our time yet! Unless distance makes the heart grow fonder!)

I've got to go before too many of my hopes and aspirations come tumbling out!

Curiouoso* Off to bed by 9:00, I really need to sleep good tonight, not dream of whims and desires.


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