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2004-12-11 - 6:59 p.m.

Some people just can't resist carrying things just a bit too far. I like bargains, but last week I saw the most stupid and tightwad woman I have ever run across.

Amy and I went to a "dollar" store. This particular one had some fresh food items. They had a rack of 10 pound flats of mushrooms for one dollar. 10 pounds of mushrooms for a buck is a great deal and lots of people were getting a flat. One woman, took the common stereotype of her religion/race to new highs. (I mentioned before I am absolutely not prejudiced against any religion or group except Heroin junkies, but at this stage in my life it's f**k em if they can't take a joke) She took 2 flats of mushrooms to her shopping cart and proceeded to cherry pick the ones she felt were best from both flats. She then put the rejected mushrooms flat back on the rack. Some how by the looks of it she ended up with 20% more mushrooms in the one she kept than the flat that went back. Jesus, lady, 10 cents a pound for mushrooms is dead cheap, so why try to scam them for 8 cents a pound? Her husband looked mortified but must have known better than to object. A lot of poor people shop there, but she was wearing a fur coat and looked like a Miami Beach refugee.

I read a lot of online newspaper articles. Lately many newspapers are requiring registration to even read one article. Name, address, income, year of birth and occupation are requested and registration is denied if not given. Why? Thier answer is so we can tailor our site to better serve you. MY ASS. You can serve me Steak and Lobster or bite me!

Please join with me and falsify every one of the registrations. Mark every "opportunity" to recieve spam ads as yes. Give a fake email address. If enough of this crap spam is returned they may get thier servers shut down for being spammers and will cut the crap.

My Favorite is Fn: Dick Ln: Head DOB:1913 Address: Usually the address of the newspaper Income: over 500,000 (I want them to get real excited) Then other,other for business et cetra. Please join me in messing up thier databases.... It's our only revenge.

Monkey Wrenching the Data world, Curiouoso*


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