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2005-11-28 - 6:06 p.m.

Hello, Lets talk about Bureaucracy today.We've discussed False advertising, Government crooks, swindlers, liars and Wars, but I don't recall taking on the DMV lately!

I talk alot about things that affect me....hence the weekly stupid drivers rant. I commute about two hours a day, dealing with those people, so you're likely to hear it regularly. We all have occaision to grace government offices with our endless charm. Charm that doesn't last too long when I deal with bureaucrats.

In Berkeley, during the late 60's there used to be a saying, "When the revolution comes, "You're first on my list!" ( Note to Government Net spys and Assholes, This is a satirical comment, Not a call to revolution, though if it was, YOU'D be FIRST on my list! )

Well the Department of Motor Vehicles is high on my Shit List. Petty Bureaucrats of the highest caliber seem to gravitate to "stupid rule" enforcing agencies like the IRS or the DMV.

I won't go into detail, but I spent 4 hours and many miles trying to satisfy some DMV stuff that was mandated by law, if not common sense. How can a legislature make rules but not fund enough people or offices to comply with said rules?

I decided to just drive the car with no plates until I get good and ready to take another day off work and try to deal with it. Valium needed here, please send lots!

I'm going to end this here before I get all riled up again, I already yelled at Ryan 3 times, Amy once, and his girlfriend and visitors once.

Curiouoso* in a piss poor mood!


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