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2005-08-21 - 3:16 p.m.

I'm back after a wonderful weekend. Lot's of entry material too.

I was watching TV and a program about some primitive tribes came on. I'm a sucker for learning about these wierd cultures, so I watched. In the beginning, a "warning" was broadcast. It said the material may not be suitable for children as it contained some "Indigenous Nudity". After I saw the program I think it might not be suitable for anyone to watch. Not because of the Native Breasts, after all most likely every male reading saw thier thier first titties (after being weaned)in National Geographic Magazine.( Heck I had a huge collection for years!) They never had any R or X rating on that!

No, it wasn't the penis sheaths either. It is the "Indigenous Nudity"! I mean we are used to "Civilized Nudity", the kind where sexy clothes reveal and accent everything but never actually show skin. When something does show, like Good old Janet Jackson's Boob, we are incensed. "Indigenous Nudity" actually shows people without any clothes, bareassed naked, without any shame, acting absolutely normal and unconcerned. Now that's a dangerous idea for our puritanical society where we have to drape statues with boobs under curtains!

Worse this program shows a society that takes care of itself, doesn't work too much but still has a relaxing full lifestyle, and doesn't pay taxes, have prisons or a central government. Crime seems to be pretty low as there isn't much that every else doesn't already have.

In short, They don't need Nazi Assholes to send them far away to kill others, nor do they need the "useless eaters", that make up our government.

It seems idylic to me and looks pretty good, so do those heathy "Indigenous" Tits!

Curiouoso* wants to know if anyone has an extra one way ticket (and an extra penis sheath) to the native lands.


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