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2009-03-07 - 10:49 a.m.

Ok, I'm over it.

Thursday when I found out I was unhappy about it. Why me instead of whomever? Every 2 years it seems I'm out of a contract. Oh well...

Friday I was better, and my recruiter told me he might have an interview for me soon, same type company,a utility and right near my house. I really thought last Friday was going to be my last day since he was pretty insistant about meeting then. That's what many companies do, walk up, inform you that you need to come with them, then escort you out and relieve you of keys etc. right then, BTW Don't come back.

They walked out a couple senior managers the other day like that. I'm only a contracter, but I still have keys for almost everything, computer rights to lots of stuff and equipment at home etc.

Now I'm over it, and just trying to finish up everything that I've been working on. I don't want to leave the department I've primarily worked with, in the lurch, after I leave.

You should see my garage, or rather you shouldn't see it! It is full. Yesterday we got another addition to it.

I came home to find a package about 5 feet long and 100 pounds in front of the door. The Rat Ryan had purchased a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy and it arrived in that box.

Basically it looks like a chunk of telephone pole with wooden sticks inserted like arms and legs. He mounted it on the wall last night which was tricky, because we don't have much room left. I feel it's my house, so I think nothing of modifying the garage permanently as needed, which is why one whole wall is built in cabinets and a work bench. The back wall is the water heater and softener and a large steel storage shelf rack. Moving on to the next wall there is 5 feet of floor to ceiling mirror with a wood hand rail to exercise with, a steel filing cabinet, another rack of shelves, then my roll around tool chest with three more stacked on it, (I can't even see into the top, but that's another story) and finally, the new wooden dummy affixed to the wall with 2x4s, plywood, oak, walnut and teak.
The center is filled with a large multi-station exercise machine, 2 weight benchs and a rowing machine. Bicycles hang from the ceiling on hooks, and last but not least, is my motorcycle and assorted related stuff. We need to sell some things around here soon. Every additional space in there is stacked boxes of computer parts or holiday decorations.

I told Amy over the phone that if I can't get a job I can always be a personal trainer in the garage for $30 a hour!

This is a cleanup weekend because Amy is coming soon for her birthday (the 29th) and the Rat and I need to look like we live "like normal people" even though she's not here.

I guess they would like her back in the Phoenix
office at work, but the managers in Petaluma want her too, so even should I convince her to, she can't come back for a year.

I wish I got the kind of reviews she gets at work, and the large number of letters that get sent to her company from real happy clients. Maybe then I wouldn't be looking for a job again, even with all the layoffs.

Finally half awake, Curiouoso*


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