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2008-09-08 - 4:16 p.m.

One type of psychic experience that is really interesting is Premonitions. Premonitions are an early warning or knowledge of some event that happens. anyone can "predict the future" by stating that person X, who is really drunk, will have an automobile accident on the way home. That sort of statement is bound to come true sooner or later, and isn't a premonition. Both my premonitions have to do with auto accidents. Once, sound asleep in the passenger seat driving across country, I woke up suddenly and asked the driver, "Is your seat belt on good? Tighten it up." A few seconds later The front tire blew out and he lost control of the car at freeway speed. Everything turned out OK, but perhaps that "warning" alerted him to potential trouble which helped him regain control. Certainly tightening our seat belts would have been helpful in the event of a crash.

Another time, in a volkswagon, I started getting nervous during the ride. I continually asked the driver to slow down on the mountain roads. He replied that he was going at a safe speed. I kept getting this urge to stop, so I finally asked him to pull over while I checked the car for safety. This was an older volkswagon bug with the fuel tank under the hood. When I opened the hood, I noticed the gas cap had not been replaced at the last fuel stop. I screwed it on and then got back in the car. A few minutes later a front tire blew on a narrow corner with a hill on one side and a sheer dropoff on the other. The VW hit the hill and flipped end over end, then rolled a few times. A bag of sugar in the back flew out the rear window and lay smashed all over the road. Somehow we avoided going over the cliff, and with the gas cap tightly secured, escaped with only bruises from the top being smashed nearly flat. Had I not been continually bothered by something not feeling right, the gas would have splashed out of the tank and all over the front of the car. I'm certain with all the sparks caused by skidding around on the top an inferno would have resulted and we'd have been 2 cooked geese! After stopping we had also put our seat belts on good which prevented us from flying out of the car and looking like that bag of sugar.

Later Mr R. said to me, "Three times in my life I nearly died, and two of them were with you!" I disagree, with a guardian angel like that he wasn't really in danger of dying as long as he was with me!

Other psychic experiences include knowing That I was going to marry my first wife the moment I first spoke to her on the phone. I knew nothing about her, never met or saw her, but I knew that would happen, and it did.

I also have an uncanny knack of being somewhere I've never been before, and often can get to where I'm going in a big city intuitively. (the last time in New York certainly didn't follow true)

My linage has connections both to the Witches and the Accusers in the Salem area during colonial times. My aunt once told me she had strong Psychic feelings, but being very religious she never let them out or encouraged then.

Cats love me, though I'm not particularly fond of them. I always shoo them away and when they are persistant try to explain those days of familiars are generations past, but they still seem to sense a kindred spirit.

I had a good friend who had moved away but we kept in touch regularly. I had a really strong feeling he was supposed to call me once, but he never did. About 2 weeks later I answered the phone and there he was. Without even thinking, I yelled into the phone, " Why didn't you call me 2 weeks ago, You were supposed to call me! What happened that you didn't call?"

Well I was somewhat embarrassed as I hadn't even said hello, just went off on him automatically for no good reason. He wasn't surprised, He just said his father had passed away then, and a number of people had mentioned that they felt his prescence around that time. I knew and respected his father, and I believe his father tried to influence me to contact my friend to provide whatever solace I could when his dad died. My friend said that his father had always said that if he could contact anyone after his death, he would.

I could go on about these sort of experiences, but instead lets quit for now and pick up again tomorrow with Astral projection, lucid dreaming, and maybe a story about some denizens of other worlds I once met.

Bear in mind it doesn't matter how much you belive in any of this stuff, I'm not sure I believe in reincarnation for example, but those experiences seemed very real. You can just set psychic experiences off to the side of your "normal" life experiences and call them unknowable as to why or how. You can therefore avoid all the religious and/or sanity questions others will try to impose on you.

Curiouoso* thinking he might visit tombstone tonight after dark, except there's probably too many ghosts and spirits there already and I don't like crowds that much!


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