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2005-03-13 - 7:43 p.m.

The shit disturber is back!

Yes it's true, those who know me can attest to the fact I'm not shy about speaking my mind.

I probably would have fit in very well during the French Revolution; quite confortably at the Boston Tea Party; ably assisted at Tienamen Square; Been right there at the docks in San Francisco with the "Wobblys" in the 30's, maybe even helped Carrie Nation with the Demon Drink.

Since Saturday was my traffic school day, You can imagine I had plans for any B.S. encountered. It's true I signed up of my own volition, so I didn't want to destroy the whole class, but was alertly watching the B.S. meter and biding my time.

When the class was nearly over and the class had been informed that left hand turns are for all intents and purposes "illegal" in Arizona, the time was ripe to start disturbing!

I started with following no closer than 100' and preferably 200. I stood up and announceed that driving 550 miles per week I had noticed in the real world even 5 car lengths was not possible on Phoenix freeways asa some jerk was sure to cut right in every time you opened any space between cars. Then I attacked the theorectical stopping distance at 50 mph as being 600'. Yes I can accept that, but not 600' between cars, because as you start to stop so does the car in front and unless he runs into a brick wall, it also takes him 600' to stop. Thus with a mere 75' or 1 seconds travel between you, you wont hit him because he also travels away from you as you try to stop. 600' is a major logic and physics fallacy! Then I started in on speed limitws citing a test I personally did traveling the exact 55 mph speed limit in phoenix, only to be nearly run off the road multiple times. Not even crippled old ladys in powered wheelchairs go 55!

The upshot was that the instrutor lost the whole 52 person class for about 45 mins! Absolutely no control, like a high school class with a substitute teacher! People were vocally stating, " I'm not changing my driving habits 1 bit",and "This is stupid".
The instructor said "the police aren't supposed to be your mother" in answer to my statement that the speed limits were obviously not expected to be followed or they would be rigurously enforced, resulting in a chorus of then why did I get this damn ticket from all corners of the room.

I actually felt sorry for the instructor as she wasn't a rotton person or anything.

I always thought old age and trickery defeats youth and stupidity every time.

This week should be a great week. I'm not including Sunday as part of this coming week as while not a bad day, it didn't quite go as planned. You recall I drive 250+ miles each way to work Friday and Sunday. A new route was tried today to cut down on speed traps, small towns and traffic. Basically it starts by driving south to Mexico turning left and driving to New Mexico, turning left and heading towards Seattle, then clicking your heels three times while repeating theres no place like Morinci, Arizona.

It was only a 5 1/2 hour trip covering 348 miles! Nearly 70 mph average, no problem there, but Jesus, I may as well have visited Galveston, Denver and Omaha for the distance we went!

A well traveled Curiouoso* bids you goodnight!


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