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2007-03-17 - 8:30 p.m.

We had our annual St. Pats day dinner today, but we only invited Ryan & Arlinda and the kids.

The Corned beef was great as were the red potates and organic cabbage. We also had Irish cheese, butter and 3 different kinds of Soda bread. Amy baked fresh brown bread as well. I bought 3 sixers of Guinness, a 24 pak of Killians Irish red and a 6 pak of hard cidar. A little Irish whiskey, some Baily's Irish Creme and 3 bottles of wine made for a true Irish celebration. Amy raffled off a number of lucky Irish bears and a couple green Irish hats for the winners of the Irish quiz which made all the kids happy.

I guess you were all too smart and knew all the answers to the quiz from earlier this week, cause no one asked what the correct answers were.

OK then, try these: What's Putchin?

What's a poucan?

What was Tara in "Gone with the wind" named after?

Who are the Travelers?

Did the U.S. Revolutionary war have any effect on Ireland?

How about the French Revolution?

Give up? Ok, Why aren't there any snakes in Ireland?

If you don't know that one......

I saw an interesting concept on the web about dogs. It said when dogs get older they get smarter, and begin to pretend they don't hear you when you try to get them to do something.

Nice concept, but I think they just get more stubborn. I went ahead and asked Mr. Midnite. " Midnite, come on. Get up and go outside"

"Up yours, big guy! I don't feel like it! I think I'll just sleep here till I'm good and ready."

"Come on big boy, let's go outside and pee."

"Hey, I don't see you out there peeing, so what's this we, white boy? Bye the way, I'm 98 in dog years, and just because I'm a BLACK lab doesn't mean you can keep calling me BOY! I want a little respect around here. From now on call me SIR Midnite!"

Hmm, I'm a people and he's a dog....

If you think I'm putting up with that, You must be a few cans short of a twelve pack!

Curiouoso*, maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but certainly capable of fishing and cutting bait!


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