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2005-10-04 - 8:57 p.m.

What is a 30 second love affair?

I can't claim credit for this; I read it many years ago, but I've long since adopted and practiced it.

If you see another person who strikes you as interesting, attractive or just Novel, catch her or his eye, but don't be coy and quickly look away as we all usually do, but hold it for a moment and smile. Usually a smile will be warmly returned. For all of 30 seconds you will be happy and so will the other person. Most likely the pleasure a successful 30 second love affair brings will last a lot longer.

It's important not to look carnel or try to achieve some goal with the person. It's enough to nonverbally say, "I think you are a beautiful person and I just wanted to show you How I care, even though I'll never meet or speak to you."

With a little practice it works wonders. OK, it might make you a bit more of a flirt, but whats wrong with giving people simple pleasure?

Recall a few days ago I mentioned a woman at lunch that caught my eye and held it, then gave me a big smile? Well that gave me such a positive stroke I wrote about it here 10 hours later! I'm sure she too felt a warm glow of "love" and appreciation.

Making people feel good makes you feel good too. Try it you'll like it!

Smiling at you, Curiouoso*

P.S. Feeling paranoid and untrustful??? Curiouoso* doesn't play those games! Trust me that ethically I won't be sucked into B.S. between siblings or friends!


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