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2007-07-14 - 3:17 p.m.

Well you know how it is when I start getting pissed off. If I'm not getting the response I want it can start getting ugly fast. Real ugly, real fast, It wasn't for nothing I majored in intimidation! ( From the college of hard knocks!).

I decided to drop the Pest control service, for real this time. We had asked they stop it a few months ago, but somehow it just started back up by itself. The contract is long over so I called up to stop it. I was told I couldn't stop it without a 1 month written notice. I said " We don't want the service anymore, but we'll call you back when we decide to restart." The supervisor said no, we are going to do the next service regardless because you can't stop without a 1 month's notice. So this is the letter I faxed them:

To Whom it may concern:

Please accept this written notice of cancellation of Frontline Pest Control services effective immediately after the next appointment.

Please Do NOT schedule any more appointments nor send out any advertising.

We will NOT be doing business with your company any more due to your insistence of continuing service that we no longer need nor want. If we decide to get any pest services in the future we will be utilizing one of your competitors.

Your insistence in disregarding our express desire not to continue on, in order to get one last payment, is a very shortsighted method of business.

Heretofore we have been satisfied with your service techs and the company, but that good will has now evaporated. Customer service stats show that a satisfied customer tells a couple of people, whereas a dissatisfied customer will tell 20 or more people.

With the advent of the Web, Iím sure these figures change substantially. It is not uncommon to read about a dissatisfied customerís experience with a company, on a web page, and often, once written, the page will stay posted virtually forever.


Tom Amorado

After the appointment, the guys gave me the bill. I said "I'm not paying right now. I'll send it to you in a couple of weeks. I didn't want this service, but your boss insisted, so it might be a while before this gets paid." And that's where that bill is at the bottom of the bills to be paid, and it will always be at the bottom until there aren't any bills before it. That could be a long time as bills come in and go out weekly. I didn't say I wasn't paying but it might not be in this lifetime! Remember this name, FRONTLINE PEST CONTROL PHOENIX,AZ.

I think it is national, so if you ever need pest control remember the "AOL Experience", the service you can't stop, and don't do business with them.

AOL by the way is once again in the news for not stopping peoples charges after repeated attempts to cancel A.O.L. I thought they were sued and restrained from this years ago?? I guess Steve Case just doesn't learn....I complained 8 or 9 years ago that they wouldn't quit taking it out of my bank account It was probably even longer than that, but some companies never learn.

While I was on a roll, I thought I'd recancel the newspaper as it didn't stop after the last bill as I requested. When I got the clerk, I was nice but firm - No more newspaper! She made the mistake of asking, "why?"

Well now that you asked,let me tell you!

1. The Newspaper is 80% advertising; you should pay me to read it!

2. Your newspaper, The Arizona Republic, has obviously taken the supreme court's ruling that news agencies have no implicit mandate that they must tell the truth, becuase you DON'T!

3. You just don't report anything that doesn't fit your Redneck Neocon Values.....

4. Integrity in your paper must have died out soon after Don Bolles killing!

Enough Said.

Don't even ask what happened when I cancelled the cable tv extra services that I never ordered.... I mean I'm on a roll here, maybe I should make some outbound calls to telemarketers!!!

And How Was Your Day? Curiouoso* will hire himself out if you need some real stubborn cussedness in dealing with daily shit!

P.S. My new t-shirt says: I've replaced SEX with FOOD, and now I can't even get into my own pants!


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