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2007-08-14 - 3:29 p.m.


I've been wrapped up in getting healthy lately. Mostly,that means losing weight (for reals this time!) and getting more exercize.

Rat Ryan has been constantly talking about Martial Arts since our San Diego visit and has apparently decided to really work on being the best person he can be. He claims Grandmaster Yu's book, "Inside Yu", has changed his outlook on life.

We decided that we would find a local instructor that meets all our requirements and join a Martial Arts studio together.

We found roughly 6 or 7 local studios and began to visit them. We had our first sample class last night, in a gung fu school. Then we visited another, down the street, and made an appointment to sample a lasson on Friday. Last week we made an appointment for tonight, at a Hopkido - Tae Kwon Do school. Since that was my major focus 32 years ago, that may be my choice. The instructor was his Master Instructor's head teacher, and still has a good bio up on that web site . We need to see his teaching method and attitudes. Then we need to determine if that works for both of us.

Last night was fun, if not too organized. That instructor was nice and seemed to be a good teacher, but wasn't very forthcoming as to his qualifications. I had a hard time with the exercise part and was pretty rusty and clumsy. Red as my face was, at least I didn't go into Cardiac arrest though I was pumping out pints of sweat and shaking like a leaf by the end of class.

I expect tonight to be harder yet!

Friday could be mentally stressful but perhaps not too physically bad at the "5 animals Kung Fu" school. I might end up there, to be able to do the lessons better, but will I lose enough weight?

Monday next is our first of two lessons at a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu school. That might be physically hard on my body as it is mostly ground work. I do want to learn more chokes and submission holds though. And the instructor took lessons at the Gracie Brothers school in L.A. and in Brazil, I think he said. He is in his early thirties or late twenties and gives off strong confidence.

After that it's two weeks at another Tae kwon do school and appointments with two other local schools.

I'm not too sore today, but WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Curiouoso* putting his money where his mouth and broken body is.....

P.S. I was told today That "You're not 25 anymore!" Well, most people mistake me for early 40's so that's pretty close. Maybe Mom lied and I was born in 1966 instead of 1951. You think?


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