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2004-12-20 - 11:04 p.m.

Hello to those who persisted....

I had to lock this temporarily as I seemed to be getting alot of referrals from various search engines about That credit card crap. Probably 30 since I put it up.

Then I got a stat that identified the address as some sort of corporate that sounded like a law firm. I looked it up on the net and it is a law firm, one that specializes in BANKING LAW.... Maybe it's just a coincidence, corporate law firms often specialize in many areas, but just in case, I'd rather go incognito for a short while. I'll probably just lock that entry soon, but there is always the cached copy on google.

Anyway, It's just my opinion that they are criminals. Anyone who knowingly charges 33% interest IS A CRIMINAL in my book. Apparently it's not against the law, but it would have been in most states a few years ago as far as I can figure out. Anyway I don't see that I can be successfully sued for anything like an opinion. After all I might have confused the word CRIMINALS for UNETHICAL ASSHOLES but shit happens right? Besides I'm sure I could count on my 3 loyal readers to swear in court that they don't believe a word I write! Right?

Continuing to point out UNETHICAL ASSHOLES like always, Curiouoso*


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