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2005-10-11 - 7:10 p.m.

So Midnite and I were sitting around the front room bitching about work, and he was complaining I don't give him enough credit for all his latenight watchdog stuff.

"Woof, woof, growl, bark, bark, whine", which is Black dog ebonics for "Take last night, for instance, I sniffed somebody outside about 2:30, and you wouldn't even get your sorry human fat ass out of bed, to let me go sniff it out!"

I countered, "I work all day just to have to wait on you hand and foot when I get home each night! Not to mention picking up all the dog crap in the back yard and bundles of dog hair everywhere inside. And all you want to do is run up and nuzzel me when I get home, not cause you miss me but cause you got to rub snot on something and I'm convenient!"

Big Middy gave a disgusted snort and went to lie in my bedroom where he proceeded to fart the place up.

Speaking of work related stuff, How come the default position a work ID that hangs from a string around your neck, is always picture side in? I can face the business side out, and unerringly it will be facing in by the time I need to show it....

Today I had to run up to the second floor half way around the building to deliver a mouse to replace a dead rodent. The four nurses asked why the service was so fast today. I replied that I was finally totally caught up and this was my last open ticket. Sure enough, after walking back, across the parking lot, over to our building, I found another open ticket; for the same group of people, this time for a keyboard replacement. "Listen ladies, if you don't mind, please break em both at the same time next time, OK?"


I took the motorcycle down to a custom bike place today and made arrangements for the owner to chop and modify the rear fender, relocate the license and rear lights, lower it and fabricate a built in garage door opener button. I knew the moment he saw the door opener hanging from the handlebars he would suggest a better solution. Later He will fabricate a built in tach after relocating and hiding the ignition switch and anodizing the headlight cover in purple. We talked about jettising my sadlebags and thier ugly guards, then recovering my seat and pillion with elephant hide. Whoa Nellie! I started getting lost at the new rear l.e.d. stop light @ a mere $700.00. and the air pillow bag monoshock that would allow the bike to drop to the ground when parked, like a fancy '61 chevy lowrider! We'll see on Saturday what actually transpires.


The big political news today was the fact that Allawi and his Iraqi cohorts were crooks. Duh! We knew that before he got the job. Birds of a feather flock together and look at our Government thieves! I think Warren G. Harding, heretofore regarded as one of the most corrupt presidents and administrations, and his Teapot Dome Scandel, will look like pikers and amatuers compared to our present felonius demagogues.

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